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From right to left: Raw water, intermediate water, the final clean water samples. Certified lab reports available upon request showing zero bacteria count in the final sample.

Help us help you to provide developing countries with clean drinking water that does not require electricity, chemicals or wells. Our portable system is durable, effective, weighs less than 6 pounds, it removes all of the bacteria and more importantly their cysts and spores (seeds). The system is a three step process to produce absolutely clean water for drinking in abundance. Simply open the backpack and take the device out; then clip one end onto the raw water container, clip the other end onto a clean storage container and start pumping; its that easy. Cleaning and maintenance are also easy three step processes. Did you know that children, 5 and under, 80% of the deaths related to water-borne illnesses?? (2.2Million per year!)

BA3SC Safe Water Inc. has achieved Zero-Bacteria Water Filtration

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The only thing left in this water using the BA3SC Safe Water​tm system on the left are a few minerals. Taking out all the illness-causing bacteria and parasites and viruses insures safe consumption of drinking water.

Most of us are fortunate enough to just turn on a faucet and access life’s most essential ingredient: clean water. But for many people, access to something so basic is difficult. Women and children have to carry water an average of 5Km per day according to WHO and UNICEF.

Over 3.06 billion people globally are in need of truly safe drinking water (zero bacteria, parasites and many viruses). We're here to help. The term "improved water" is not necessarily bacteria free water. Clean water is a necessity of life. But it's actually become one of the most precious resources in the 21st century. In fact, one in nine people currently live without access to clean, safe, drinkable water. We are working tirelessly to help bring clean and safe water to people in developing countries and disaster relief areas.
For every family system you purchase.... 

 You just helped 5 lives avoid water-borne illness or death

by providing families with 
20 liters / person / day /for the next 5 years
with truly safe drinking and personal use water

NOTE: Access to clean, safe drinking water is a basic human right. The UN has set up a program called WASH concerning sanitation practices that can improve the results of clean water. These two issues must go hand in hand.

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These Samples recently taken from the BA3SC Safe

Water​tm  System at a retention pond in Florida